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What is a Gallery or Group Reading?

A gallery or group reading is a a wonderful experience where a group of people come together to hear messages from loved ones who have passed away. There should be evidence of that person like their personality, type of work, habits, familiar sayings, memories, details of their passing, etc. and a message conveyed clearly to the receipient. Galleries are fun yet can be emotional. Be prepared to laugh, cry and have the unique experience of hearing from your loved one in Spirit. Be sure to be relaxed and open to whomever may come forward. Sometimes is isn't the person we expected or even hoped to hear from. They know, however, the best way to come forward and do their best to come to you for those precious moments. Our job is to be open and responsive to them. 


What can I expect from a psychic or mediumistic reading or coaching session?

  • Caring, thoughtful and focused insight into your personal situation.

  • Complete privacy and anonymity in an intimate one-to-one conversation

  • Speak freely with no fear of being judged

  • Compassion, caring and honesty

  • Personal and professional psychic, mediumistic readings and spiritual coaching sessions


How can I get the best reading or coaching session?

  • Find a quiet, relaxed place and avoid interruptions.

  • Keep an open mind and don't try to force the psychic to say what you want to hear. 

  • Focus on your question – write it down if it helps.

  • Take some deep breaths; be relaxed. Having an open mind and postitve attitude enhances the psychic connection.

  • If your session is online, ensure that you have an adequate internet connection for your session.

  • Ensure that your cell phone is in a good service area. Kimara and Psychic Bestie Kimara LLC are not responsible for any dropped calls or poor connections.


Is there anything to fear from a reading?

NO... there is nothing to fear from a psychic medium reading. Remember that everyone, including YOU has free will. No psychic or medium can ever force you to do anything against your will. Future predictions are just that...predictions. No one except the creator can say with 100% certainty what will occur in the future. Keep in mind that a psychic often sees the probable outcome related to the current situation and choices already made. Different choices and actions create different outcomes. Also, I NEVER give predictions of death or destruction. That being said, however, there are times that a reading WILL differ from what you hoped to hear. I will not lie to you to tell you what you want to hear. I must honor you and my gifts and I promise to act ethically and honestly at all times.  

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