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Meet Kimara

Medium, Psychic,

Life Coach

I am Kimara, a born psychic medium, healer, and Spiritual Life coach.  When I was child, I often awoke with “strange” people sitting at the end of my bed trying to communicate with me from the other side. I eventually learned from my parents that this was not an unusual occurrence in our family, and as a result, I decided to hone my skills and use those gifts to help others.


Although I have been a professional medium for over 25 years, I continue to study and perfect my gift. I completed intensive studies at the Arthur Findlay College for Mediumistic Studies in Stansted, England, and at the House of Spirit in Hannover Germany. Currently, I coach and read for clients throughout Europe, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, the United States and Canada. 

As a professional psychic medium, I've worked privately, in group settings, and with one of the largest and most discriminating psychic sites in the world. Being of the site's most popular readers, I have written for, and been featured in their worldwide publications on several occasions. 


As a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach, I assist clients worldwide in identifying and releasing (past and present) negative thoughts and patterns that impact their lives and prevent them from manifesting their dreams.


I'm a “no tools” reader who is able to tap into both my intuitive and mediumistic senses, to provide an extremely accurate and detailed look at your life situation.  During a reading, I can also deliver messages of love and hope from the other side and communicate with your guides.


I've created Psychic Bestie Kimara so you, my friends, have a great place to learn more about me, book a private or group reading, learn something new, and discover my events.



Trust your intuition and success will follow.


"I’ve had the pleasure of several readings with Kimara. Private, group and gallery readings all have been such a blessing to experience. She’s super down to earth and relaxed which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable! The personal details she shares and accuracy of her readings are always on point!!! I always recommend her to everyone.

A. Gamelli



"You’re the real deal. You told me things no one would ever know. Can’t wait to set up a reading with you once I go back to work."

M.G. Greer

“Kimara is amazing, me, my friends and family have been read by her and she is so on point! You will be very happy with your reading. You should contact her for your next reading."

D. McFadden

“Kimara has a gift. Besides being spot on about messages from loved ones that have passed, she is beautiful inside and out. The real deal!”

B. Verman

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